Version 1.2Edit

~Updated ExtraBiomesXL

~Updated Forbidden Magic

~Updated Immibis Core and Microblocks

~Updated Lycanites Mobs

~Updated Tinkers Construct and TMechworks

~Updated TwilightForest

~Updated Grimoire of Gaia 2

~Updated BiblioCraft

~Updated Blood Magic

~Updated Doomlike Dungeons

~Updated Dragon Mounts

~Updated Witchery

~Tweaked more configs, mostly regarding mob spawns

Version 1.1a-dEdit

~Tweaked a couple Zulu and MSC configs

Version 1.1Edit

~Updated Hardcore Ender Expansion

~Updated Witchery

-Removed Better Dungeons :(

+Added Project Zulu mod

+Added Doomlike Dungeons mod

+Added Koadmasters Pirates mod

+Added Blood Magic mod :)

~Updated Lycanites Mobs

~Updated Forbidden Magic

+Added Thaumic Tinkerer mod

-Removed Revamp

+Added Secret Rooms mod

~Updated CodeChickenCore and NEI

+Added Twilight Forest mod

+Added Deadly World mod

+Added Dungeon Crawler mod

+Added Thaumcraft 4 (officially!)

Version 1.0.5Edit

~Updated Ars Magica 2

~Updated Lycanites Mobs

~Updated GrowCraft

~Updated Reliquary

~Updated Witchery

+Added Forbidden Magic mod

+Added Statues mod

+Added Torch Levers mod

Version 1.0.4Edit

~Reverted version of Inventory Saver due to giant bug in update

~Fixed ID conflicts for Inventory Saver and AM

~Updated Hardcore Ender Expansion

~Fixed SpawnConfig to allow proper spawning in Witchwood Forests.

+Added GrowthCraft mod

~Updated Lycanites Mobs

~Updated Witchery

~Updated Ars Magica 2

Version 1.0.3Edit

~Altered IguanaTweaks config

~Creation of tools/parts requires tables

~Increased xp needed to level weapons

~Decreased xp needed to level tools 

+Re-added Archimedes Ships mod

+Re-added Revamp mod

~Updated Chocolate Quest

~Updated Witchery

~Updated Immibis Core and Microblocks

~Updated Lycanites Mobs

~Updated Taigore's Inventory Saver

Version 1.0.2Edit

-Removed Revamp (permissions not obtained, feel free to keep it in your private pack)

-Removed Archimedes Ships (permissions not obtained, feel free to keep it in your private pack)

~Updated Config to resolve ID conflict

Version 1.0.1Edit

+Added Reliquary mod

+Added Custom Chest Loot mod

-Removed Shaders mod

~Updated Ars Magica 2

~Updated Damage Indicators

~Updated AutoUtils

~Updated Chisel

~Updated ExtraBiomsXL

~Updated iChunUtil and BackTools

~Updated Immibis Core and Microblocks

~Updated Lycanites Mobs

~Updated Natura

~Updated Tinkers' Construct and TMechwork

~Updated Thaumcraft Mob Aspects

~Updated Witchery

Version 1.0Edit

+Initial release

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